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Solid State Logic (SSL) stands tall as a beacon in the world of music production, admired for its legendary sound quality and innovative techniques that have shaped the landscape of music we all know and love. With the Mini-SSL, the iconic sound of SSL is now more accessible than ever before, offering a gateway to sonic excellence in a compact package.

So, what exactly is the Mini SSL?

Crafted as a powerful and compact in-line mixing console, the Mini SSL houses 8 original refurbished SSL 4000 channels within a bucket adorned with premium wooden finishing. What sets this miniature desk apart is its unique summing board from Mark1, serving as the heart of the Mini SSL where all signals converge, ensuring an authentic Mini SSL 4000 experience. Designed based on SSL techniques and specifications, this summing section delivers the familiar SSL sound with utmost efficiency and quality.

The Mini-SSL is a testament to Mark1’s dedication to quality. It embraces a philosophy of preserving the timeless sound of the past for future generations. With a vision to create the best possible equipment, the Mini SSL embodies versatility, allowing professionals to harness the legendary SSL sound in any setting, whether it’s a commercial studio or a personal home setup.

To provide our customers with more flexibility in setting up their studio, the product has been designed to work modularly, allowing for the expansion of the Mini SSL into a larger console. For instance, it can be transformed into a 16-channel powerhouse with a DAW workspace in between. This modular approach enhances its appeal, offering scalability and adaptability to evolve studio setups.

Who is the Mini SSL for?

Tailored for every creative soul in the industry seeking quality in a small scale, the Mini SSL offers flexibility with its size and easy I/O capabilities. It’s perfect for professionals craving a compact version of the iconic SSL 4000 consoles, for an extra setup at home or in an additional space to work on their recordings and mixing projects. It’s also a perfect option for professionals considering downsizing their studio facilities without compromising on quality or functionality. Powered by a single mains outlet, it can transform any space into a professional environment, opening doors for industry newcomers to learn and experiment with the classic SSL sound.

But what can you actually do with the Mini SSL?

Despite its modest channel count, the Mini SSL offers unlimited possibilities. Whether recording a band or mixing a full project, its flexibility knows no bounds. With the ability to record 8 Mic/Line signals, it’s perfect for capturing drum kits or creatively recording entire bands with just 8 mics. Coupled with a breakout box, it offers even more freedom in signal routing.

In terms of mixing, the Mini SSL truly shines. With the capacity to mix a total of 24 channels (8 channels via the channel path and 16 channels summed into the monitor path), it seamlessly integrates in-the-box mixing with its onboard capabilities, empowering users to tackle larger projects with ease. Furthermore, for those seeking more processing options, it excels at mixing stems, allowing for full utilisation of SSL 4000 EQs and channel dynamics. Export your project to a maximum of 8 mono/4 stereo stems, and you can fully process your stems with these legendary EQs and dynamics.

Immerse yourself in the timeless brilliance of SSL sound with the Mini SSL, embarking on a journey of sonic excellence condensed into a compact, portable console. Discover the classic SSL experience scaled down to fit any space without compromising on quality or versatility.

The Mini-SSL by Mark1

  • 8x SSL611 4000 series I/O modules.
  • I/O panel to connect the Dsub25 inputs and outputs.
  • Internal MARK1 power supply (PSU).
  • MARK1 summing Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This board sums the signals going in and out of the Mini SSL.


  • Channel Dynamics Dry/Wet knob.
  • Wheeled stand with 19’’ racking.
  • More info

For more information about the Mini-SSL, its availability and customisation options,
please contact or +31 (0) 6 52 43 24 05

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Mini-SSL in a studio environment

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