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With decades of expertise in the realm of professional and iconic audio equipment, MARK1 stands as a testament to the vision and technical expertise of its founder and owner, Mark Derksen. Mark’s extensive and prosperous career as both a music studio owner and an audio engineer prompted him to establish MARK1. His mission; bridging the sound of the past to the future.

At MARK1, we focus on the rebirth of vintage products, integrating modern and sophisticated technical enhancements that amplify performance while preserving their iconic classic sound. Our evolution over the years has seen us evolve into a cohesive team of six experts, each complementing the other’s skills. By maintaining a diverse team of engineers and committing all operations in-house, we ensure a seamless and streamlined experience from customer engagement to the creation of exceptional audio solutions.

The MARK1 team possesses a unique blend of talents, enabling us to service top tier mixing desks, tape recorders, and high-end audio equipment for professional (private) studios.

Mark Derksen – Founder & CEO

Mark Derksen, the visionary founder and owner, is the heart and brains behind MARK1’s legacy. With a rich and successful career as a music studio owner and audio engineer, Mark took the bold step of creating MARK1 to bridge the gap between the past and the future of sound. Drawing from his extensive experience as a seasoned user and technical expert in mixing consoles and tape recorders, Mark meticulously designs the perfect configurations for our iconic gear in professional settings.

Joppe – Electrical Engineer and Music Producer

A fresh addition to our team, Joppe brings his expertise as an Electrical Engineer and a love for music to MARK1. Responsible for spearheading the development of new products, Joppe’s youthful perspective injects a breath of fresh air into the company. With a background in electrical engineering and a passion for music production, he fosters a seamless connection between the classic sound and the digital era in today’s music studios.

Rob – Tape Recorder Technician

When it comes to tape recorders, Rob is the expert you can rely on at MARK1. With current experience working within a professional studio, Rob stays at the forefront of the evolving recording industry. He knows the ins and outs of getting the job done and applies this knowledge to ensure your tape recorders receive the care and attention they deserve.