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How we work

At MARK1, our central mission is to meet our clients’ needs by delivering the finest sound quality, through customized, top-of-the-line audio equipment. We are an experienced team of technicians and audio professionals, offering expert advice and tailored services. We have a unique approach to reviving high-end classic equipment. We respect the sound of the past while keeping up with modern audio needs and workflows. This means our products not only meet today’s standards but will also continue to serve you well in the future.

An Ode to Classic Sound

Our utmost priority at MARK1 is to cherish the unique and characteristic sound found in classic audio equipment from renowned brands like SSL, Neve and others. Even as we make improvements and enhancements, we remain dedicated to safeguarding the authentic sound that has made these brands famous over the years. Our team of audio experts, each with decades of experience in professional music studios and with high-quality mixing desks, discreetly tests and ensures the enduring authenticity of these products.

Every project is unique

We firmly believe that every project is unique with its own distinct characteristics. Our approach involves combining our expert guidance with your specific requirements. This results in customized products, optimized to your individual needs and environment. Whether you work in a professional commercial studio or a private studio, we provide you with the best audio equipment.


After purchasing a product from us, you automatically gain access to our comprehensive assistance and repair program. Our support service is divided into three key components:

  • Phone Consultation: We offer guidance and advice over the phone whenever possible to address your inquiries.
  • In-House Repairs: For minor technical issues, you can conveniently ship the product to us for efficient and professional repairs.
  • On-Site Technical Support: In cases where problems cannot be resolved through phone or email communication and are of significant nature, we offer on-site technical assistance.
For more details about our support service, please reach out to us through our Contact us page. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.