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Product Details

This is a Beautiful modular built API legacy with 19″ racking and a custom built winged furniture Setup.

It is also possible  to create a straight furniture setup by removing the wing plates.

This API legacy setup is really something special with its

compact setup and its Typical high class API sound and tremendous capabilities. In the center there’s enough space has been created for laptops,

computer keyboards and  making it an ideal mixer for todays workflow.


Let’s take a look under the hood and see what this little giant is made of

It has 24 channels fitted with the legendary 212L mic pres* and 550L EQs and on top of that it is fitted with 24 legacy mixer 768 series in 700L rack,

24 faders and 2 masters.

The versatile API mixer has selectable options for different workflow settings on each channel.

  • Inline signal flow,
  • Extra summing inputs or FX returns,
  • Fx sends through routing busses

* The tone of the 212L mic preamp finds its roots in the classic API 2488 series all discrete recording consoles, best known for the famed “LA” sound.

Remote patch and summing buss masters.

  • 16 routing and summing
  • all direct outs
  • aux and echo summing
  • 2x stereo master busses
  • Remote patch that will allow access to all parts independently so that you can  make your own chain.
  • Fitted with the right discrete op-amps that API became famous for.

This API legacy mixer unit allows selecting on each channel for the following workflow options :

  • inline signal flow
  • extra summing inputs or FX returns
  • FX send through routing busses.

So in mixdown it will allow you to have 48 summing inputs and 2 stereo master busses.

A very compact and versatile setup that will give you the typical and famous classic API sound and it is perfectly suited for todays workflow.

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